TEATRO ARCIMBOLDO, Basle (until 2003 "IL TEATRO AMOROSO") is a music- and dance-theater ensemble. The ensemble was founded in 1996 by Thilo Hirsch. Through the combination of the various elements music, dance, spectacle, historical costumes, scenery and lightning the magic of the Golden Age is brought to life again. The success of this concept can be seen in the many performances since 1996, and in the enthusiastic reviews. The Basler Zeitung, for example, wrote about the production "Liebes Lust und Saitensprünge" ("Amorous Delight and Viol Tricks"), which was also filmed in 1999 by Bavarian Television at the Ekhof Festival (Gotha): "A dazzling piece of pure theater that, under the direction of Thilo Hirsch, was literally chock-full of scintillating dance, pantomime, and vocal treasures."

TEATRO ARCIMBOLDO’s most recent project, "Don Quixote," was also very successful. Most of the twenty-six performances given until now in Switzerland and Germany (including at the Telemann Festival in Magdeburg) were sold out and received very good reviews.

Since we already had invitations to stage a new production at several festivals, we set to work on a project that displays TEATRO ARCIMBOLDO’s special capabilities to best advantage. We are now proud to present our new Production "The Trumpet marine-Virtuoso" – Baroque Dance Theater about J.B. Prin, trumpet marine virtuoso and dancer at the court of "le Roi Soleil" wich had its premiere on 14.8.2004 in Basel.

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