The Bogenhauser Künstlerkapelle (1897–1939)
- a forgotten avant-garde of  "Ancient Music
The Bogenhauser Künstlerkapelle
ensemble arcimboldo - Bogenhauser Künstlerkapelle
The "Bogenhauser Künstlerkapelle",
about 1930. Photo: privat.
The ensemble arcimboldo in the cast of the "Bogenhauser Künstlerkapelle",
2011. Photo: S. Drescher

The description of the project is only available in German. Videos of the concert are available on


ensemble arcimboldo, Basel
direction: Thilo Hirsch

Luis Beduschi –recorder
Andreas Böhlen –recorder
Hans-Christof Maier – tenor recorder
Hans-Jürg Meier – bass recorder
Josef Focht – bogengitarre*
Thilo Hirsch –trumpet marine
Markus Schmied – timpani/percussion

*The "bogengitarre" was built by Jan Tulacek for this project.




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