Music and Dance of the Renaissance

This program was created in 1999 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary celebrations of the "Battle of Dornach." The fundamental idea was that of a "music of the enemies" of 1499. Emperor Maximilian I (the "loser"), on the one side, Basel and the Swiss Confederation, on the other. Through the combination of works by Maximilian's "court composers" (Heinrich Isaak and his successor Ludwig Senfl, born 1486 in Basel), Italian music of the first half of the 16th century, contemporary dances, and texts from Sebastian Brant's Ship of Fools (Basel, 1494) a lively representation of this time emerges.

  • Pavane "Die Narren" / Wolfgang Schmeltzl (ca.1500 - 1560)

"The Fool's Mirror", Sebastian Brant,"Das Narrenschiff", Basel 1494

  • Narrentanz / Tylman Susato (1500-1561)
  • "Le serviteur" / Heinrich Isaak (1450-1517);
  • "Es hett ein Biedermann ein Weib" / Ludwig Senfl (1486-1542)

"About New Fashions", S.Brant, "Das Narrenschiff", Basel 1494

  • "Io mi son Giovinetta" / Domenico Ferabosco
  • "La Pastorella mia"/Jacob Arcadelt (ca. 1514-1572)

"About Dancing", S. Brant, "Das Narrenschiff", Basel 1494

  • Passamezzo-Variations:
            - Pass et medio / T. Susato
            - Recercada Primera/Diego Ortiz, gedr. 1553
            - Pass et medio / T. Susato
            - Wascha mesa / H. Newsidler (ca. 1510-1563)
            - Pass et medio / T. Susato
  • "Chi la Gagliarda" / Domenico da Nola (1510-1592)
  • Hupfauf / Hans Newsidler
  • "Lanxi, Lanxi, schute, schute" / G. detto il Giuggiola

"About Great Fame", S. Brant, "Das Narrenschiff", Basel 1494

  • "La Battaglia I." / Mathias Fiamengo (komp. ca. 1526)
  • Pavane "La Bataille" / T. Susato
  • "La Battaglia II." / M. Fiamengo

"About Nightly Courting", S. Brant, "Das Narrenschiff"

  • "Su, su leva" / Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470-1535)
  • Ricercar quarto / Sytvestro Ganassi (1492-ca. 1550)
  • "Per dolor" / Marchetto Cara (ca. 1475-1530)
  • "Madonn io mi consumo" / Castanzio Festa ( -1545)
  • Lautensolo
  • "Un Cavaglier di Spagna"/Anonym
  • "Amor donna ch'io te porto" /Giacomo Fogliano (1468-1548)

Direction: Thilo Hirsch

Agnieszyka Kowalczyk or Kristine Jaunalksne - soprano/percussion
Barbara Leitherer - dance/viola da gamba/soprano
Thilo Hirsch - tenor/viola da gamba
Bernhard Gertsch or Bernd Niedecken - speaker/dance
Agileu Motta - lute/vihuela/tenor


The Ensemble TEATRO ARCIMBOLDO would like to thank the GGG (Gesellschaft für das Gute und Gemeinnützige) for its generous support of this project.




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